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Sensaphonics is a research and development company committed to controlling the damaging effects of loud sound - especially regarding hearing loss prevention for musicians.  The company develops professional-grade, custom-fitted earphones designed to act as hearing protectors, isolating performers from ambient sound while allowing the in-ear monitor mix to be heard more clearly, even at lower volumes. 

Sensaphonics in-ear monitoring systems are used by all levels of players in all fields of music.  Most notably, the company's client list includes the likes of Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Radio Head, Lorde, Luke Bryan and Steven Tyler, amoung many other A-list artists. 

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GerrAudio Appointed Distributor for Sensaphonics and ASI Audio in Canada

July 2021

GerrAudio will provide increased market awareness of the professional in-ear monitoring products offered by Sensaphonics, and spearhead the launch of Sensaphonics' subsidiary, ASI Audio, and its 3DME product in Canada. 

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The only tunable in-ear monitor system.
Spectacular sound you control in live, studio or streaming performances with the ASI Audio app and miniature microphones embedded in each earpiece. 
Hear your music, the audience and the room like never before.