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RME offers a comprehensive range of audio interfaces, converters, mic preamps and network audio solutions.  The company's German-based engineering is globally known to produce products that have the industry's lowest latency, fastest performance and unparalleled reliability.

RME devices are used across a wide range of applications globally - recording studios, major broadcast facilities, scientific research establishments, high profile live tours, theatrical productions and national art installations - amount many others.

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Canadian Road Test:  Babyface Pro FS

December 2021

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing the first time I output a mix through this interface.  The stereo field got wider, the centre image tightened significantly, and the Babyface added a level of divine sparkle that I'd more closely associate with the flavour of a proper mastering converter rather than a portable interface."   - Andrew Leyenhorst, Freelance Producer, Engineer, Mixer and the Assistant Editor of Professional Sound Magazine

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Synthax Appoints GerrAudio as New Exclusive Distributor for RME in Canada

May 2021

GerrAudio will provide a dedicated market focus in RME's product categories and increase RME's brand presence, application support and profile across the country.

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