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Terms and Conditions

Doing Business with GerrAudio


All products distributed by GERRAUDIO DISTRIBUTION INC. (GERRAUDIO) are supplied to those customers who, in the opinion of GERRAUDIO, possess and maintain appropriate technical expertise, suitable facilities and agree to honour and support all warranty programs offered on the product lines.

GERRAUDIO reserves the right to discontinue the sale and support of any or all of its product line(s) to a customer who obtains such product line(s) from a source not authorized by GERRAUDIO.


All qualified customers may apply for an open line of credit with GERRAUDIO by completing in full GERRAUDIO’s credit application. GERRAUDIO requires that an authorized officer sign the credit application to open an account. Our credit investigation will commence upon receipt of this application. No product(s) will be released on account without this approval. The credit limit provided will be based upon an analysis of the information provided and will be at the sole discretion of GERRAUDIO. The credit limit may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time, based on the customer’s purchasing and payment pattern and any other information available. An account is considered “delinquent” if payment of an invoice does not respect the established terms.


All invoices are payable 30 days from the date of the invoice. In summary, the Terms of Sale are Net 30 days, unless otherwise indicated on our invoice.


GERRAUDIO reserves the right to ship orders completely or partially, depending on available inventory. When orders cannot be shipped complete, a backorder will be maintained and the backordered merchandise will be shipped when available.

While GerrAudio may assist in arranging shipping with a customer, all liability and responsibility is transfered to the "Customer" once a shipment leaves GerrAudio's warehouse. Customers are required to have "Common Carrier" insurance to cover any issues with the shipment once it leaves GerrAudio's location. If a shipment is lost, stolen or damaged upon arrival, it is the customers responsibilty to make a claim with their insurance company.

GerrAudio does not insure shipments unless otherwise asked for. 


The minimum annual volume required from an account to deal on a direct basis with GERRAUDIO is $5,000.00. Once an order has been processed, additional orders are considered “new orders”.


Deliveries shall be subject to and contingent upon timely receipt of an order by GERRAUDIO, together with buyer qualification for credit requirements. GERRAUDIO shall not be liable for failure to meet required delivery date(s) due to credit clearance requirements or to causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, unavailability of product from GERRAUDIO’s supplier(s).


The client is responsible for supplying specific shipping information, including but not limited to, carrier choice, service requested, insurance and collect account number if requested. In the absence of specific shipping information on the submitted purchase order, GERRAUDIO will ship all orders uninsured, prepaid and charge, using a carrier of our choice. In all cases, goods are shipped from GERRAUDIO F.O.B. (Free On Board) origin; in other words, title of the goods passes at origin (GERRAUDIO Distribution Inc.) to the customer at time of transfer to a carrier.


The customer assumes all risk for loss and/or damage during shipping. All obligations for the goods, once GERRAUDIO places the merchandise in the hands of a common carrier, are the responsibility of the customer.


Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include GST or Provincial Sales Tax (where applicable). Goods will be charged at the prices in effect on the date of the order, or as quoted, and may vary according to the quantity purchased.


GERRAUDIO requires all invoices to be paid in full. Any deduction from an invoice not supported by GERRAUDIO’s credit memo(s) is unauthorized and will remain an outstanding balance on that invoice. The client must clearly indicate how their cheque payment(s) should be applied to their account by making reference to the invoice number(s), the amount paid and any discounts taken.


When any customer’s invoice is past 60 days their account is automatically placed on Credit Hold. No further merchandise will be shipped until a payment is received to clear the outstanding invoice(s). A 2% monthly (24% annual) interest charge will be applied on all balances over 30 days. GERRAUDIO has the right to withhold any order in the event that the customer fails to respect any of the terms or conditions set forth herein. Overdue and delinquent account balances are subject to being placed for collection. In such cases, the client shall be responsible for all expenses incurred including collection fees, court costs and attorney fees.


Returns for credit will not be accepted unless prior authorization in the form of a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) has been obtained from GERRAUDIO by phoning or faxing the head office. The RMA# provided must be clearly marked on the outside of the carton when goods are returned. Failure to obtain or clearly mark an RMA# could result in the shipment being refused at our dock and returned. Return Merchandise Authorization numbers expire in 30 days. All returns for credit must be shipped prepaid and will be subject to refurbishing and restocking charges. Should a return be authorized due to an error on the part of GERRAUDIO, the goods will be returned freight collect via a carrier of GERRAUDIO’s choice. Only items originally listed on the “Return Merchandise Authorization” form will be credited. GERRAUDIO reserves the right to adjust the credit value after receipt and inspection of the returned goods at head office. Only official GERRAUDIO credit notes may be deducted from invoice payments. GERRAUDIO will not issue credit for unsalvageable returned merchandise that has been damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging on the part of the customer. There will be an automatic 20% refurbishing charge for unauthorized returns.


Returns for service will not be accepted unless prior authorization in the form of a Return Authorization Number (RA#) has been obtained from GERRAUDIO by phoning or faxing the head office. Returns for service will not be accepted without prior return authorization. The return authorization number must appear on the carton(s) being returned. The customer is responsible for providing proof of purchase date(s), invoice number(s) and a note describing the problem and the desired resolution when seeking warranty repairs. Certain GERRAUDIO products (example: Meyer Sound, Audio Precision) have specific written factory return policies, which must be followed and will require a specific Return Authorization procedure. All merchandise returned for warranty and/or non-warranty service must be shipped prepaid by the client. Only merchandise under warranty will be returned to the sender shipping paid by GerrAudio.