Premium self-powered loudspeakers for theatre, cinema, studio, corporate install and live touring application.

Handcrafted in Berkeley, California since 1979.


ULTRA-X20.  Small but mighty. 

Younger brother to the ULTRA-X40.  

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Spacemap Go

Immersive technology was pioneered by Meyer Sound over 25 years ago.  Now, Spacemap GO is here and it changes everything.  Immersive mixing capabilities for anyone with a GALAXY processor - free-of-charge!  


Galileo GALAXY

Network Platform

Milan-certified, full-featured Loudspeaker Processor and Spacemap Go Immersive Platform.


Sub-compact, Linear Line Array

Small Size, Big Sound

Boasting the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class


Versatile Point-source

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Compact, Linear Line Array

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Compact Subwoofer

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Ultra Slim Point-source

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LINA - Line Array Element

Easily the smallest and lightest in the series, LINA and its companion control element 750-LFC bring the inherent linearity, low distortion, and exceptional power-to-size ratio of LEO Family technology to a wider range of applications and venues.

Taking advantage of the existing MINA footprint, LINA boasts new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package that, along with an improved power supply, enables higher peak output.

Improvements in high-frequency headroom and lower distortion help LINA to faithfully reproduce audio with tremendous power, superior intelligibility, and extremely low distortion.

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750-LFC - Very Compact Low Frequency Control Element

The 750-LFC very compact low-frequency control element effectively complements LINA arrays in the lower end of the spectrum with exceptional low frequency headroom. Boasting an incredible power-to-size-ratio for such a compact cabinet, the 750-LFC is LINA’s ideal and extremely versatile companion, and can also complement ULTRA systems.
A newly-designed class D amplifier affords unprecedented power for its size, and along with its signal processing, it ensures that 750-LFC systems reproduce low frequencies at high continuous levels with clarity, punch, and extremely low distortion.
The 750-LFC offers the same sonic linearity as Meyer Sound’s award-winning 900-LFClow-frequency control element in a smaller, lighter cabinet, making it ideal for building scalable systems to suit touring and corporate applications or fixed installations.


Galileo GALAXY harnesses open-source AVB technology to extend a new level of audio control in driving and aligning loudspeaker systems with multiple zones. It provides a powerful toolset for corrective equalization and creative fine-tuning, in a full range of applications from touring to cinema.

Building on Galileo’s meticulously engineered algorithms, Galileo GALAXY retains users’ favorite processing tools, including five-band U-Shaping and parametric EQ, while adding a new crossover delay matrix feature and improved delay integration. Three versions are available for different configuration needs.

A new generation of FPGA-based processing with up to 64-bit resolution delivers increased dynamic range, a lower noise floor, and super-low latency of 0.6ms analog in to analog out.

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