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Our 3D In-Ear Monitoring mixing desk with optional motion tracking makes spatial and transparent In-Ear Monitoring possible. And the best thing is: it works with your own In-Ears and Headphones. You will never go back to stereo!


KLANG:fabrik is the core of our monitoring solution. It combines the latest and finest HD audio algorithms with a multitude of flexible audio interfaces (i.e. MADI, Dante™, compatible to ADAT) in order to work with professional mixing desks and stage boxes of any kind. Up to 16 musicians receive their individual 3D mixes with one KLANG:fabrik. If your band needs more mixes, simply daisy-chain multiple devices

The 3D monitoring mixes are sent from KLANG:fabrik to radio transmitters or headphone amps via XLR, back to the ears of the musicians. Thanks to our high-performance processors, this can happen without any noticeable latency. Use our app on any device (iOS, Android, Windows or Mac), or the faders of your mixing desk to control KLANG:fabrik from where you are.

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KLANG:vier supports individual 3D in-ear mixes for 5 musicians. You can plug in your 1/4'' headphone jacks during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interfaces e.g. for your radio transmitters on stage. Musicians can also benefit from the high-end headphone amps if they use a hardwired in-ear setup.

Easily extend your KLANG:fabrik system for more musicians and conveniently control all KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier mixes within the KLANG:app.


KLANG:quelle is a 4 output Dante headphone amp and integrates 2 devices in 1 - the combination of a valuable Dante enabled digital-analog converter and the professional 4-channel headphone amp. Through the choice of premium converters suitable for low-resistance in-ear headphones, a crystal clear sound, without abnormal sounds, is enabled.

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