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Labratory Grade Measurement Microphones

EMX-7150 Measurement Kit

The EMX-7150 is a 1/4 microphone made from stainless steel and using state of the art water tight Neutrik*2 connectors has a very accurate frequency response combined with the capability to measure high sound pressure levels up to 145dBspl. It is low impedance measurement microphone that can be operated from 12?52 V Phantom Power which is available on most professional microphone preamplifiers and professional computer interfaces. With its mechanically robust design it is well suited for harsh environment use such as open air sound reinforcement measurements. Its class 1 frequency response makes it predestined for Room acoustics analysis including recording studios and home theaters. It can normally be used without the included freefield calibration data file for compensation. In this case take the individual calibration data as proof of its superb performance. The EMX-7150 should not be plugged or unplugged into a mixer console or PA system unless the input channel is muted. If the system does not have a muting option the volume should be turned off. This avoids loud popping noise that can cause damage in speakers and/or affect your hearing. Our super protection windshield SWS -7 is recommended for open air use when limited amounts of spraying water as well as trickling water impact the microphone. 

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725TR Base Kit

The ¼“ iSEMic Microphone and Accessories Series is supply and signal voltage compatibility to  iPhone*1, iPad*1 as well as other mobile devices including laptop computers and Phantom Powered Pro Audio Equipment. The superb functionality is provided by the space saving microphone built-in electronics.

The advantages of the new iSEMic microphone series are obvious. Mobile devices like iPad’s and iPhone’s are more and more used for controlling live sound mixers and PA Systems giving the FOH and system engineers the possibility of walking the venue while optimizing for sound and acoustics using special apps on mobile devices.


  • Excitation voltage 2.5V to 52Vdc , current limited
  • Powers from: iPhone, iPad, other mobile devices, laptop computers, Phantom Power, ICP/IEPE power.
  • Microphone sensitivity  typ -52dB re 1V/pa (2,5mV @ 94dBspl)
  • Sensitivity optimized for mobile devices (e.g. iPad)  not to clip.
  • Frequency range 20Hz…>20kHz
  • Temperaturedrift compensated for accurate SPL monitoring.
  • IEC 61672 class 2 frequency response
  • Standard (125dBspl)
  • Surge voltage protection
  • Calibration chart and freefield– & diffusefield calibration data files download ready.
  • Stainless steel body, Gold plated connectors
  • Microphone body dia. 1/4” (7 mm)
  • Microphone length 3,7” (94 mm)

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