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Professional Audio Distribution in Canada

GerrAudio is an established and respected Canadian distributor of professional audio equipment used in the live performance, theatre and broadcast industries across Canada

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Professionals in Audio for over 40 years!

GerrAudio is proud to represent the following brands in Canada

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Self Powered Loudspeakers for Live, 

Touring and Theatre Use. 

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Digital Mixing Consoles

Mixing Consoles for Live, 

Theatre and Broadcast 

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Intercom Systems

Intercom for Live, Theatre and Broadcast Applications, supporting Wired, Wireless and IP


for Live, Touring, Theatre, Film
 and Location Sound


Powered and Un-Powered Solutions for 
Live and Theatre Sound


Software and Hardware for
 Acoustical Measurement and 
Sound System Optimization

3D-Spatial Audio

Personal Monitoring for Live and Touring Sound.

RF / Audio Monitoring

Software based RF and Audio Monitoring for Live and Thearical Sound


Test Systems for Electronic and 
ElectroAcoustic Audio Devices

Measurement Microphones

Measurement Microphones and Calibrators

Signal Processing

Software Based Plugins and Servers 
for Live and Studio Sound

 Personal Monitoring

Distributed Personal Monitoring over AVB

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