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ClearCom Turns 50!

On April 18, 2018, ClearCom Intercom Systems will pass the milestone marker and turn 50! 

Starting in 1968, ClearCom has truely led the Intercom field for the past 50 years. Since that time, the analog intercom family has remained an important part of the Clear-Com business. Starting with the RS-100 beltpack and the CS-100 (aka ‘the shoebox’). 

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V-Series 32-Key Rotary Panel

V-Series 2RU 32-key Lever Panel with 4-pin XLR or 5-pin XLR male headset connector. The key-panel has 32 lever keys including a reply/answer-back key, 4 dedicated function buttons and 8 shift pages. Each key has associated up/down audio level control buttons. The 2RU lever key-panel is offered with an additional dial keypad feature, which allows telephone dialing and quick menu access. The panel menu provides user set-ups and assignment options. The function buttons allow fast access to commonly used menu features and controls. The rear panel has Audio I/O and GPI/O connections.
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ClearCom Speaks DANTE

The E-DANTE64-HX Card provides an Eclipse HX matrix system with 16, 32 or 64 bi-directional channels of low latency, high quality DANTE AoIP interfacing. Additionally, the E-DANTE64-HX card supports AES67 compatibility for use when DANTE is not available. The Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX) can enable intercom panels to display each Dante Controller channel label or the label of the current audio source routed to the channel. 


  • Up to 64 duplex channels per card
  • Sample frequency choices of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz
  • Selectable Channel/Port quantity of 16, 32 or 64
  • VOX on all 64 channels
  • Channel labels carried over from 3rd party devices
  • AES67 compatibility with simultaneous support for DANTE and AES67 connections
  • Optional SFP fiber interface fitted on both primary and secondary network interfaces
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HelixNet HXII-BP - Ethernet Intercom Beltpack!

The HXII-BP is a rugged and ergonomically designed 2-channel digital partyline beltpack. A beltpack can have access to two of any twenty-four available system channels over a single shielded twisted-pair cable or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). 

Use our  Digital Partyline Calculator  to calculate the maximum acceptable cable length for a Clear-Com Digital Partyline System.

HXII-BP Beltpack Features:

  • 2-channel full-duplex digital beltpack
  • Power and audio over a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or single XLR cable
  • Access to any 2 of up to 24 available channels on each beltpack
  • Program audio with separate program level control
  • Stacked key addresses multiple channels
  • USB flasher mode
  • 10-character yellow OLED label display
  • XLR-4M or XLR-5F headset jack
  • Rugged, light-weight poly-carbonate casing
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