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An integrated acoustic test system, complete with audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with an array of digital interface options.

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Audio Precision APx Flex Software Based Audio Analyzer

Audio Precision has unveiled its new APx500 Flex audio analyzer, a completely new class of test and measurement solutions designed to support the use of APx audio measurement software with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces or sound cards. With the introduction of APx500 Flex, manufacturers can cost-effectively deploy the measurement capabilities, flexibility and quality of APx software to their production lines at a much lower price.

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AP Adds Speech Intelligibility Depth

ABC-MRT, or Articulation-Band Correlation Modified Rhyme Test, was developed by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) of the United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). It follows the paradigm of the Modified Rhyme Test, a technique for assessing speech intelligibility that involves subjective assessment by human subjects as detailed in ANSI/ASA Standard S3.2. To eliminate the time, complexity, and expense of the traditional human subject-based methodology, ABC-MRT uses a form of automatic speech recognition (ASR) to conduct an automated measurement that is closely correlated—greater than 95%—to a Modified Rhyme Test. An added benefit of ABC-MRT is its use of real speech (English only), allowing it to support the testing of systems that use noise suppression and/or codecs that only pass speech.

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AP Expands Microphone Family

Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced the expansion of its line of measurement microphones with the introduction of the 376M03, a calibrated microphone system combining a ½” microphone cartridge with a phantom-powered preamplifier – the 426M16 – in its ½” configuration. The new preamplifier combines the precision of calibrated, standardized measurement microphones with the convenience of ubiquitous mic accessories offering phantom power, balanced connections for improved immunity to induced noise, and easy connectivity via common XLR cables.

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Introducing the AECM206 Headphone Test Fixture

IEC 60318-4-compliant accessory simplifies earbud and headphone measurement in lab and production environments

The AECM206 Headphone Test Fixture is a dense, robust fixture mounted on a resilient base to isolate ambient noise, which can adversely affect measurement integrity. Equally capable in both R&D and production test applications, it is well-suited for testing circum-aural, supra-aural and intra-concha headphones and earbuds. The AECM206’s high level of acoustic isolation also enables the measurement of noise-reduction performance of ANC (active noise canceling) headphones, as well as the evaluation of hearing protection ear muffs.

The AECM206, in conjunction with APx Series analyzers, accessories and software, provides the user with a complete system enabling precise and repeatable electro-acoustic testing of headphones and insert earphones (earbuds).

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AP Releasess New Measurement Microphones

The AP microphone family includes one ¼-inch and two ½-inch precision measurement microphone systems, as well as a ¼-inch array microphone and an occluded ear simulator. All units are prepolarized, TEDS-compliant and ICP®/CCP powered. The three precision microphones are calibrated and delivered with a certificate of calibration, ensuring the utmost of confidence in measurement results when paired with calibrated instruments such as an APx500 Series Audio Analyzer and APx1701 Transducer Test Interface.

Whether you’re testing loudspeakers, headphones or microphones, make sure to also check out the APx1701 Transducer Test Interface. The APx1701 integrates instrument-grade amplifiers and microphone power supplies for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behavior of their electro-acoustic devices.