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LynTec Power Solutions

LynTec is a leading manufacturer of remotely operated AC power control systems for the installed sound, lighting and video industries. 

Remote Controlled Breaker Panel

The most advanced self-contained controllable breaker panel on the market today. The RPC combines all the features you’ve come to expect from LynTec panels with new web enabled control and monitoring capabilities. Based on the G3 PowerlinkTM hardware platform by Square D, the RPC uses the latest remotely operated breakers and can control up to 168 circuit breakers with a single controller

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              Networkable Power Automation Control (NPC)

              By managing audio, visual and light from a single power automation system, NPAC brings unrivaled flexibility and unlimited sequencing and delay options to wherever there is pro AVL. NPAC’s profile is sleek; its installation is plug-and-go. From its built-in web server to its browser interface, there’s nothing like NPAC for syncing pro-level digital components from any manufacturer in any venue.

              - Each unit handles up to 4 20A circuits (80A total) in one 2RU enclosure
              - Control outlets individually or configure up to 12 zones
              - Each zone can be controlled by a different protocolCan be controlled with Telnet, HTTP,     DMX512, sACN or contact closures

              Xtend Power Control Series (XPC)

              The Xtend XPC Power Control Series is composed of independently located remote relay modules that offer flexibility in installation and control. LynTec continues to serve the needs of Pro AVL with protective, reliable, and user-friendly equipment. Professionals in the audio, visual, and lighting industries rely on us to control power in venues from houses of worship, schools, sports venues, conference centers, theaters, auditoriums to your local performing art centre.

              Here are some of the important facts about the XPC Xtend Power Control Series:

              • Integrate Xtend power control modules into any existing RPC, RPCR, NPAC installation or use the XPC standalone controller.
              • Each module contains an electrical connection, a power plug, and an Ethernet port.
              • To integrate your module, simply connect it to the network and plug it into a power source. Next, plug the equipment that needs power control in.
              • Use LynTec’s IP-based GUI to establish the control and sequencing for each component. Easily customize control as needed.
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