Webinar: Part 1 - Introduction to Spacemap Go with Peter McBoyle

05/06/2021 12:00 to 05/06/2021 13:00 (America/Toronto)

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Join Peter McBoyle as he walks the group through the basic setup and functionality of Meyer Sound's FREE immersive platform, Spacemap Go.

Immersive technology is not a new concept for Meyer Sound.  Starting from the early days in Las Vegas with shows like Cirque du Soleil's Mystére, to more recent large-scale multichannel theatrical productions featured on Broadway, Meyer Sound's technology has been the heart of spatial sound design for over 25 years. 

More recently, the world of theatre sound design has significantly evolved with the introduction of advanced DSP processing and new, creative ways to integrate between technology platforms.

During this webinar, respected Canadian Sound Designer, Peter McBoyle, will introduce the basic concepts of spatial sound in theatre, and walk us through the initial setup of the Spacemap Go immersive platform.

*Note: this webinar is part one of two.  Peter McBoyle will also be hosting the second session, where he will dive deeper into specific features of Spacemap Go, and explain how he would leverage this new technology in future theatrical sound designs.

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