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Webinar: DiGiCo 4REA4 - Your Venue's Audio Network Backbone

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Multiple spaces?

Multiple protocols?

Connect everything together with DiGiCo's 4REA4 Distributed Audio & Control Platform.

4REA4 is a new type of system processor leveraging the power of FPGA technology, 96kHz sample rate and intuitive, console-based, software to enable superior performance networked audio throughout your venue.

The mainframe can process 128 input channels and 56 outputs with on board connectivity via a range of network ports, SD Card slots (up to 3) and DMI card slots (up to 4). In addition to processing channels, 4REA4 can act as a point-to-point router for up to 512 channels, so any channel from any device on the network can routed directly to any other device on the network without affecting your processing capacity.

You can also split the workspace into 4 zones each with their own stereo master, to which access is limited through User Groups and Permissions.

It also has 8 Macros that can change the configuration at the touch of a button, so the system can be optimised for a range of set ups and applications, then recalled on demand.

The 4REA4 has bi-directional audio connectivity with any device on the network in both its proprietary format and a range of other standards (Dante, MADI, Avoim, Waves SoundGrid, Optocore, ME-1, AES/EBU). The system can also interface with external control devices using TCP/IP, GPIO, Midi and AMX/Crestron.

The system has a range of I/O and control peripherals that can interface over a standard, standalone network. It’s designed to be plug and play working off the shelf using Layer 2 network hardware; no IP or Mac addresses, just simple ID settings established over a web browser.

Building the software platform in a mixing console style is designed to open up the set-up, control and management to in-house Technical Managers or Heads of Audio, allowing venues to be in control of updates, changes or upgrades should they have the right in-house expertise.










During the session, we'll go over the following:

  • 4REA4 Processing Engine Hardware Overview 

  • DiGiCo Modular Interface (DMI) Card Overview 

  • 4REA4 Remote Control Switches & Fader Packs

  • 4REA4 Remove I/O Devices (in-wall and throw-down racks)

  • 4REA4 Processing Engine Software Overview

  • 4REA4 Application Examples

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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Date & Time
April 29, 2021
12:00 PM 12:45 PM America/Toronto

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