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Event GerrAudio Demo Days 2021 starts on December 14, 2021 at 9:30:00 AM EST
Unraveling Audio Networking: An in-depth look at Dante, AVB and MADI
Unlimited Seats Available
Location: Breakout Room A - 12/15/21, 12:30 PM - 12/15/21, 1:30 PM (EST) (1 hour)

Unraveling Audio Networking: An in-depth look at Dante, AVB and MADI
Derek Badala

Derek Badala, Director of Sales - The Americas, RME/Synthax USA

Derek Badala is an industry veteran with 26 years of Pro Audio, Broadcast, and MI experience. His past employment as chief audio engineer, audio-for-TV, business owner, product manager, sales manager, and sales director have given him insights to the Pro Audio Industry few have experienced. From the Military and Broadcast sectors as well as equipment manufacturing, marketing, and sales, Derek has made many notable contributions to our industry. Currently Badala is Director of Sales of Synthax USA whose brands include RME, Digigram, Ferrofish, Alva, and myMix. He is a detailed energetic presenter who loves quality audio and enjoys educating professionals on audio solutions. Derek is also passionate about family, fun, and boating.

In today’s audio world, digital audio systems have surpassed people’s expectations and dare we say, becoming the go-to systems over the more traditional counterparts. From their flexibility and ability to adapt according to the user’s needs, i.e. ranging from a personal home studio to major concert productions, these systems have proven to be reliable, functional and most importantly non-complicated to use. From minimizing set-up time to working with fewer cables, the biggest plus is you do not have to be an IT expert to use these systems. These technologies are so streamlined and ergonomic, no specialized knowledge is needed to work with them. On the contrary, as complex as these systems are, for the user they offer a high level of familiarity.

This presentation will look into the advantages each system has to offer, what they are, where and how they are used, and answer any questions the participants have.