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Learn from industry experts, connect with fellow audio professionals and enjoy live product demonstrations.


This year marks our 12th annual Demo Days show in Toronto.  Join the GerrAudio team and our supplier visitors for engaging workshops, new product showcases, live demonstrations, and the opportunity to network with industry friends and colleagues. Session schedule can be found below with more details to come soon.

Join us for the full event to take advantage of what both days have to offer.  

Free lunch and snacks will be provided. 

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you at Demo Days XII!  

Event Location

Catch the Fire Church
272 Attwell Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 6M3
Click HERE for Google Map location.

Food & Beverages Provided

Join us in the lounge for complimentary refreshments, snacks and sandwiches throughout the day.

Staying Overnight?

If you are coming in from out of town, or would like to stay overnight in the area, there will be a group staying at the Hilton DoubleTree - Toronto Airport Hotel.
Click HERE for Hotel website.  

Event Dates & Times

Wednesday December 13, 2023  |  9:30AM - 5PM EST
Thursday December 14, 2023  |  9:30AM - 5PM EST

Parking Information

Free parking available (and lots of it)!

Training Workshops

Join us for educational workshops and training seminars on the industry's latest technology from Clear-Com, DiGiCo, DPA, Meyer Sound, RME and more!


Meet Quantum-852 & transform.engine

It’s definitely not Tim Shaxson’s first time on Canadian soil, but what he is bringing over with him from the UK certainly is!  DiGiCo’s newest flagship Q852 console and plugin integration platform, transform.engine, are coming in hot (and very fresh) for Demo Days!  During this feature-packed session, Tim will unveil the big green machine and walk participants through the hardware and software advancements that have been developed by DiGiCo specifically for Quantum-852.  During the last half of the session, Tim will show a live preview of the new transform.engine, a very powerful and reliable new tool for integrating any VST3 plugin in a live show environment. 

Immersive In-Ear Mixing with KLANG

KLANG’s immersive in-ear mixing is more than a monitor system; it’s a personalized experience that eliminates all disadvantages of a stereo IEM mix.  Learn more about the technology and philosophy behind these innovative products during this workshop at Demo Days led by KLANG’s own, Phil Kamp.

During this session, Phil will introduce the science and psychology behind immersive mixing, DiGiCo Console Integration, Fully Integrated Personal Monitoring with KLANG:kontroller and the platform’s newest features. Each participant will be set up with a feed from Phil’s mix along with a set of headphones to listen in - if you have your own ears, feel free to bring them along!

How Musical Genre Affects Subwoofer Design & Optimization

This two-part presentation offers additional evidence in support of different musical genres having unique low-frequency headroom requirements. By means of the correlation between C-A levels (read: C minus A), and a particular genre’s low-frequency demands, this presentation will offer design guidance regarding sound system headroom with emphasis on in-band levels. And answer the question: “How many subwoofers should I bring?”. During the second half we will come full circle by looking at several case studies. This presentation should be of interest to sound system designers and equipment specifiers alike.

Connect Anything and Everything with Glensound

Dante has become a widely used protocol in the pro audio industry, and many manufacturers have leveraged it to enable their products to speak to other products in the signal chain more efficiently.  Using Date (versus analogue), also allows for the design of much more compact and versatile tools that can be used across a variety of applications.  Joining GerrAudio at Demo Days this year is Marc Wilson, Managing Director at Glensound.  Glensound has been in the audio business since the 1960s and have taken their mastery of analog and digital circuitry, and paired it with Dante networking protocol, to create a wide range of tools that are designed and built in the company’s UK manufacturing facility.  During this session, Marc will introduce Glensound and explore the full range of Dante connectivity boxes, audio mixers, headphone amplifiers, commentary systems and monitor loudspeakers, and discuss some unique challenges that their products help solve.

Live Demo: 2100-LFC & Friends

Josh Fehrmann from Meyer Sound is no stranger to Demo Days as we welcome him back for this year’s event. In addition to showcasing the new 2100-LFC subwoofer, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the ULTRA-X40, ULTRA-X20 and UP-4slim family of point-source loudspeakers, each paired with their companion subs.  Josh will also have the ability to demonstrate Meyer Sound’s immersive platform - Spacemap Go, and can discuss the MILAN interconnectivity between loudspeaker endpoints that will be distributed around the room.

How and Why Artists Use RME for Live Performance and Playback Rigs

This session will discuss and demonstrate the real-world benefits of RME’s core technology found in all RME audio interfaces. Demonstrations, tips, and tricks will be on full display for some of the most common professional use-cases:

  • Pro & Home Recording

  • Live Performance / Playback Rigs

  • Using Ableton with your RME interface for Live Shows and Lighting

Topics // Demonstrations will include:

  • RME’s core technologies and user-benefits no matter what interface you choose

  • This session will utilize RME’s very popular Babyface Pro FS interface and provide an in-depth understanding of how powerful this portable interface is within the use-cases discussed

  • How to set up and use your interface… including RME’s TotalMix FX

  • Demonstration on how to get the most out of an RME interface whether you are a beginner, professional recording engineer, or a live performer

Winning Sound System Design Strategies in North America's Loudest Sporting Arenas

Join Bob McCarthy as he explores the benefits of designing a sound reinforcement system using precise 3D prediction software for some of North America’s loudest sporting arenas, and considerations that should be made when translating designs into real world deployments.  Bob will walk the class through the design to deployment processes of a few recent large scale projects that he has been involved with, including the permanent installation of a PANTHER system in the Xcel Energy Centre (NHL/Minnesota Wild) and Amalie Arena in Tampa (NHL/Tampa Bay Lightning).  The session will conclude with an open Q&A period where participants are encouraged to ask questions and spark conversation with the man who wrote the book himself!

The Unscripted Sound

In this seminar, Doc Justice of Halter Technical will discuss the techniques, equipment, politics and practices of recording sound for unscripted productions. Attendees of all levels of experience and knowledge can learn about all of the differences between recording audio for different genres, and how the requirements and responsibilities differ from traditional narrative productions. Come expand your horizons and work prospects. PS: Admitting to watching or liking reality TV is not required for entry ;)

Lights, Camera, Microphones!

Omni or directional? Dynamic or condenser? Lav or headset? Bodywork or boom?  During this session, Paul will go ‘Back to Basics’ and explore with the group the fundamental principles of proper microphone technique for live broadcast, location sound and studio/film recording.  Paul will demonstrate the following topics using DPA Microphone solutions: 

  • Speech Intelligibility

  • On and off-axis sound sources

  • Mic blending

  • DPA solutions for broadcast, audio for dialogue and film

May The Sub Be With You

Directional control of low frequencies can be achieved by “by committee” through clever arraying. A typical subwoofer, used for such arrays, tends to be pretty much omni-directional. Whereby allowing one to mentally forecast the array’s expected behaviour. Provided the individual subwoofer’s omni-directivity is a reliable property one can depend on. In this workshop we will both audition and prove this to be true. What may sound like a mundane exercise, comes with interesting twists and turns that defy common sense and require reconciliation with the subjective listening experience. Upon conclusion, we will experience that significant cancellation, under the right conditions, is perfectly doable.

The Advantages of Digital Wireless Technology

During this session, Sound Devices’ RF Applications Engineer, Gary Trenda, will introduce the foundations of wireless operation and address some common challenges that he has faced firsthand out in the field.  Gary will offer best practices for getting the most out of a wireless workflow and demonstrate to participants some of the advantages of a digital system.   “As applications for wireless continue to expand within the Film/TV production, live event, and fixed installation worlds, it is more important than ever before to share information that optimizes best practices within the industry,” says Trenda. “I am looking forward to visiting Toronto with our newly appointed Canadian distributor to offer this workshop and share our knowledge with both aspiring and veteran sound professionals in Canada.”



Bob McCarthy
Meyer Sound

Merlijin Van Veen
Meyer Sound

Josh Fehrmann
Meyer Sound

Jay Wallace

Tim Shaxson

Phil Kamp

Paul Andrews 
DPA Microphones

Chris Spahr
DPA Microphones

Derek Badala   

Marc Wilson 

Gary Trenda
Sound Devices

Doc Justice   
Halter Technical

David Vincent   
Meyer Sound

Ryan Bishop


Questions about Demo Days?

Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Questions about Demo Days?

Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help.