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Event DEMO DAYS XI starts on December 14, 2022 at 9:30:00 AM EST
The Audio Pro's Secret: Recording & Playback Techniques for Musicians
Unlimited Seats Available
Location: Workshop Room A - 12/15/22, 3:30 PM - 12/15/22, 4:30 PM (EST) (1 hour)

The Audio Pro's Secret: Recording & Playback Techniques for Musicians
Derek Badala, RME

Derek Badala is an industry veteran with 26 years of Pro Audio, Broadcast, and MI experience. His past employment as chief audio engineer, audio-for-TV, business owner, product manager, sales manager, and sales director have given him insights to the Pro Audio Industry few have experienced. From the Military and Broadcast sectors as well as equipment manufacturing, marketing, and sales, Derek has made many notable contributions to our industry. Currently Badala is Director of Sales of Synthax USA whose brands include RME, Digigram, Ferrofish, Alva, and myMix. He is a detailed energetic presenter who loves quality audio and enjoys educating professionals on audio solutions. Derek is also passionate about family, fun, and boating.

How and why professionals use RME for recording and live performance.

This session will discuss and demonstrate the real-world benefits of RME’s core technology found in all RME audio interfaces. Demonstrations, tips, and tricks will be on full display for some of the most common professional use-cases:

·   Pro & Home Recording

·   Content Creation

·   Live Performance / Playback rigs

Topics // Demonstrations will include:

·   RME’s core technologies and user-benefits no matter what interface you choose

·   This session will utilize RME’s very popular Babyface Pro FS interface and provide an in-depth understanding of how powerful this portable interface truly is in the use-cases discussed

·   How to setup and use your interface…including TotalMix FX

·   Stand-alone use

·   Demonstration of tips and tricks to getting the most out of the interface whether you are a beginner, professional recording engineer, or a live performer

·   Playback Rig applications for Live Sound