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[X-Q852-WS-NC] Quantum852 Surface - MADI/NC Optics

352,515.00 CAD
DiGiCo Quantum852 Digital Mixing Console. Dual engine, 384 channel mixing console with 52 physical faders and 3 x 21.3” LCD high-resolution touchscreens. NC Optics, 192 Aux / Sub-Group busses, LR / LCR / 5.1 Master busses, 64 x 64 Processing Matrix, 36 Control Groups, two Solo busses, 64 FX Rack slots and 48 Graphic EQs. Also included as standard are Mustard Processing channel strips, Spice Rack plugin style native FPGA processing options, Nodal Processing and True Solo. Includes dust cover and 3-Piece Touring Style Flight Case
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