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[HTMS1-LIGHT] MicroSone Discrete Audio Monitoring System (light colour)

1,665.00 CAD
The Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System is an extremely flexible solution for incognito listening. The centerpiece is the Microsone, a very small bluetoth earphone which pairs with the Control Pack transeiver. The Control Pack can send and relay audio from any analog transmitter from any manufacterer in the 174 -214 and 470-608 MHz range, so it's compatble with your existing wireless. Two Microsone earpieces are included with the system, which can be paired individually to the Control Pack or to any Bluetooth transmitter, such as a phone. The earpiece has a battery life of 4-5 hours and the charging case can recharge them fully about four times before needing a recharge itself.
Available Quantity : 23.00