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[APX-FLEX-PACK-2-UPG] APx500 Flex Pack 2 Upgrade for Existing

3,850.00 CAD
Add measurement package to an existing APx500 Flex or APx517 analyzer including: Crosstalk Sweep - 1 Ch. Driven, Crosstalk Sweep - 1 Ch. Undriven, Crosstalk Sweep - Custom, Crosstalk - 1 Ch. Drive, Crosstalk - 1 Ch. Undriven, Crosstalk - Custom, DC Level, DC Level Sweep, DUT Delay, Frequency (meter), Frequency Response, Interchannel Phase, Level Ratio, Measurement Recorder, Noise, Noise Recorder, Q-peak Noise, Signal to Noise Ratio, SINAD, and Stepped Level Sweep measurements
Available Quantity : 0