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[3D-10000BTG2] 3DME BT GEN2 Music Enhancement IEM System

1,119.00 CAD
Universal-fit 3DME BT System features Active Ambient technology, with enhanced features & 8-hour rechargeable battery life. 3DME Gen 2 boasts 7-band stereo EQ and adjustable limiter to customize the mix with its free ASI Audio app via Bluetooth. Its isolating ambient IEMs use embedded binaural mics to capture stage sound under user control with the system's compact bodypack mixer. Among the Gen 2 upgrades is processing bypass capability for the monitor feed for standard mixing by the monitor engineer when activated. Supplied with 3 sizes of memory foam ear tips (custom silicon tips are available), audio jumper cable, USB charging cable, IEM cleaning tool, and shirt clip - all in a custom carrying case
Available Quantity : 21.00