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Meyer Sound Releases VLFC
Emotion Alternating Extrememly Low Frequency Content
3 January, 2018 by
GerrAudio Distribution Inc., Geoff Maurice

Sound you can feel in your bones

With a Frequency Range of 13 to 30Hz, It's amazing the emotion alterting feels that can be produced

How low can you go ?

Dual 18" Extrememly Long Throw Drivers coupled with a new Cabinet Design allow the the new VLFC to go down to new lows (in Frequency) beyond the threshold of hearing. This new approach allows users to play with a new set of emotions not possible in the sound world. In our early experinments with the VLFC, the sensation of 15-18Hz provides a very uneasy and unnerving feeling - almost like a ghosting effect. You know something is there, but you can pinpoint what it is. As well, extending the usable range of frequencies, sound designers and mixers a new set of tools to change a percetion or alter the emotion of the audience. 

GerrAudio has demo inventory of these units and are more than happy to show what is possible. To arrange a demo of this game changing new technology, please click on the link below:

Arrange a VLFC Demo in Canada

To read more about the VLFC, please see the link below

More on the Meyer Sound VLFC

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