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GerrAudio Welcomes the SD12 to the Family!
A culmination of all things DiGiCo to date...
18 January, 2017 by
GerrAudio Distribution Inc., Geoff Maurice

GerrAudio Welcomes the new DiGiCo SD12 Console to the SD family

The SD12 is a culmination of everything DiGiCo to date. Taking cues from the SD5 / SD7 and S-Series, they’ve achieved a very favourable combination! While not as many channels as it’s brothers and sisters, the SD12 Surface is where the magic is. With 2 x 15” TouchScreens and 24+2 completely assignable faders, the level of control is unprecented. In true SD fashion, we have full WAVES SoundGrid integration with on-screen Multi-Rack control. Included on the back end is Dual MADI I/O connectivity with Optical (Optocore) expandability. Two DMI slots will house Dante, AES, or Additional Analog I/O and don’t forget the included UB-MADI to offer 48-channels of Interface for Virtual Sound-checking and Playback. 

The console offers 72-Mono Inputs and 36-Mono Output busses, all with full DiGiTube, Dynamic EQ and MultiBand compression. A 12 x 8 Matrix and 16 x Graphic EQ complement the Master Section. 

The SD12 comes standard with our 48-In / 16-Out D2-Rack but is compatible with all of DiGiCo’s other Racks, including the SD-Rack, D-Rack and DigiRack. With the on-bard DMI slots and on-board MADI it’s very easy to tailor connectivity to any options. 

Packaged together the SD12, 100M BNC Set and 48-In / 16-Out D2-Rack, will cost approximately Ca$ 49,995.00 

Don’t miss out on the new standard for mixing and don’t settle for anything less. Once you get your hands on this surface, you won’t want to take them off !

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