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GerrAudio Appointed Distributor for Sensaphonics and ASI Audio Products in Canada
New Lines Place Increased Focus on Hearing Health.
27 July, 2021 by
GerrAudio Distribution Inc., Peter James

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS:  Sensaphonics and ASI Audio are pleased to announce the appointment of GerrAudio for distribution of their products in Canada.  GerrAudio will provide increased market awareness of the professional in-ear monitoring products offered by Sensaphonics, and spearhead the launch of Sensaphonics’ subsidiary, ASI Audio, and its lineup of new products in Canada.

GerrAudio Distribution has serviced the Canadian professional audio market for over forty years.  The company represents top tier audio and communications equipment manufacturers based out of the UK, Europe and the USA, and provides first-class sales support and after-sales service to its diverse customer base across Canada.  GerrAudio’s customers include, but are not limited to, national broadcasters, education and government institutions, performing arts centres, houses of worship, corporate, industrial and research organizations, musicians, and live production and equipment rental shops. The company and its staff take a personalized approach to every situation, and enjoy collaborating with technical end-users, consultants, integrators and artists in order to provide a solution that meets the technical and artistic goals of the entire production team.

Sensaphonics was founded by audiologist Michael Santucci in 1985 as a research and development company committed to controlling the damaging effects of loud sound, especially regarding hearing loss prevention for musicians. With the advent of in-ear monitor (IEM) systems in the early 90s, Sensaphonics developed custom-fitted earphones designed to act as hearing protectors, isolating performers from ambient sound while allowing the in-ear monitor mix to be heard more clearly, even at lower volumes.

ASI Audio, founded in 2019 by the team of hearing health advocate Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D. of Sensaphonics, Inc. and Jim Harris, CEO of Think-A-Move, Ltd., developers of innovative speech recognition products for high-volume environments, has combined patented technologies and market insights to create 3DME Music Enhancement, a fundamentally different approach to in-ear monitoring and hearing protection. 3DME combines Active Ambient technology and personalized sound quality via the intuitive ASI Audio app, creating a system equally useful for amplified and acoustic monitoring for musicians and concertgoers alike.

“We are very excited to be representing Dr. Santucci’s products here in Canada,” comments Geoff Maurice, VP & Director of Sales at GerrAudio Distribution.  “His work in the field of audiology and human hearing is extensive, and his pioneered solutions are purpose-built to address the important topic of hearing loss prevention in our industry head on.” he adds.  Professional musicians and engineers who desire safe, high fidelity audio from their in-ear monitors turn to the custom solutions offered by Sensaphonics.  “They offer the best solution on the market, and their client list backs that up – Coldplay, Dave Mathews Band, Radio Head, Lorde, Luke Bryan, Steven Tyler – it seems like all you have to do is name a famous artist, and the likelihood that Michael has worked with them is very high,” cites Maurice. “We’re proud to be associated with Santucci and his work, and really look forward to joining his cause to promote safe hearing with his custom in-ear IEM moulds, plugs and custom silicon sleeves here in Canada.”

“We are excited to work with the team at GerrAudio to create a strong national sales network for Sensaphonics products across Canada,” says Sensaphonics President, Dr. Michael Santucci. “With their broad focus across live sound, broadcast, AV integration and retail, GerrAudio is perfectly positioned to help Canadian audio professionals achieve clear, focused sound and long-term hearing wellness with Sensaphonics custom-fit in-ear products.”

In addition to representing Sensaphonics’ professional products in Canada, GerrAudio will also be the exclusive distributor for Sensaphonics subsidiary, ASI Audio.  “The 3DME product from ASI Audio is something every musician – whether professional or hobby – should have,” says Maurice of GerrAudio.  “Using similar Active Ambient technology found in the custom in-ear system offered by Sensaphonics, the 3DME revolutionizes the way musicians hear themselves and their bandmates on stage while keeping them safe and at a much more attainable price point for the everyday musician.”  “We believe the 3DME product has a place in all music stores and online retailers, and are excited to get this new technology into the hands of those who will appreciate it the most,” Maurice concludes.  

“GerrAudio is the perfect partner for ASI Audio,” states Evan MacKenzie, VP Marketing + Sales for ASI Audio. ‘I have always admired their focus on Pro Audio products with innovative features that benefit the Musician, Engineer and Design/Install markets with a very high degree of reliability and sonic integrity.”

GerrAudio's Geoff Maurice (left) and Peter Snelgrove (right) pictured at a local hearing clinic after receiving ear impressions for their 3DME Custom Tour units.