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Audio Precision is the recognized global standard for audio test & measurement.  For over thirty-five years, AP has offered high-performance audio analyzers, accessories and applications to help engineers worldwide design, validate, characterize and manufacture consumer, professional and industrial audio products.  

Ongoing innovation has been a key theme for the organization since its founding, with market-leading THD+N  performance, a wide range of digital interfaces, software that combines power with ease-of-use, and tools for electro-acoustic and perceptual audio testing.

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Soundstage! Network: Holding the Industry Accountable with Audio Precision

March 2021

For Soundstage!, accuracy and accountability are crucial, not only for their readership;'s needs, but to hold manufacturers accountable for the claims they make.

"Nobody's going to question the tool itself.  If you say you're using an APx555, the standard is set." - Doug Schneider, Schneider Publishing & Founder of Soundstage! Network

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Ross Video Fuels R&D with Help from Audio Precision

February 2021

The purchase of three additional Audio Precision units was made owing to Ross Video's growth and the expansion of both the products they offer and functionality they provide. 

"AP analyzers are the world's best audio measuring tool - the gold standard in audio." - Mike Pala, Hardware Architect, Ross Video

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