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RME offers a comprehensive range of audio interfaces, converters, mic preamps and network audio solutions.  The company's German-based engineering is globally known to produce products that have the industry's lowest latency, fastest performance and unparalleled reliability.

RME devices are used across a wide range of applications globally - recording studios, major broadcast facilities, scientific research establishments, high profile live tours, theatrical productions and national art installations - amoung many others.

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Sonic Forest Studio Puts RME 12Mic-D to the Test

May 2023

"Everything just worked. Right down to setting up and controlling the mic pres with everything patched into the 12Mic-D through Dante." - Todd Hooge, Owner/Operator, Sonic Forest Studios, Victoria, BC

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Toronto-based Producer, Songwriter & Recording Artist Never Leaves Home without his RME Babyface

March 2022

"The quality is second to none, there's no latency issues, and the converters are phenomenal. And it's a good investment - my first RME Babyface lasted close to a decade, which is incredible because products are made to fall apart these days, especially tech. I think the important thing about investing in any type of equipment is knowing there's longevity in the product and company behind it." - Zale Epstein, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Toronto, ON

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