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Newton - The Multi Media Nucleus

Outline Newton is a full-featured, FPGA-based ‘Multi Media Nucleus’ that takes technology convergence for audio-visual systems to the next level. Newton redefines the ‘gold standard’ in modern audio processing and represents another quantum leap forward from Outline. In addition to comprehensive loudspeaker system control facilities it additionally offers media conversion, sync and clock management plus audio distribution with networking capability, along with a very high potential i/o count (up to 216 in both directions simultaneously).

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Mantas 28 is one of the most recent Vertical Line Array element designed by Outline. Thanks to the great experience accumulated with Butterfly – the Outline system with the same fundamental components and characteristics – Mantas 28 offers leading edge performance from a cabinet that is extraordinarily compact and lightweight.

Its top-grade components – two 8-inch midwoofers with Neodymium magnets and a 3-inch compression driver loaded with the well-known D.P.R.W.G. – ensure absolutely insignificant distortion levels and greater reliability.

In simple operational terms, Mantas 28 can best be described as a ‘compact, medium throw’ line-source system, delivering exceptional intelligibility, headroom and power up to around 60 metres depending on location and configuration. Many systems can make the same claim in terms of performance, but very few achieve these results from an enclosure which is so small and light in weight.

SUB 218

The SUB 218 is a high output sub-bass system equipped with two long-excursion 18” transducers. Consequently it is ideal for those applications requiring super-powerful sub bass delivery, including live music and dance venues. The SUB 218 is particularly well-suited to reproducing modern dance music as the design provides not only extended low-frequency reproduction (down to 28 Hz) but also tremendous ‘punch’ in and around the frequencies normally produced by both real and synthetic bass drums. This focus and clarity not only enhances the reproduction of program material but also makes the most efficient use of amplifier power. This is a result of Outline’s proprietary ‘E.R.P.’ (‘Energy Retentive Porting’) design. Based on the principles of fluid dynamics and successfully applied to the science of controlling pneumatic forces within a loudspeaker enclosure, this unique arrangement of specially-shaped ports ensures an optimum airflow. This reduces internal turbulence, maximising the efficiency of the transducers and thus allowing more amplifier power to be converted into acoustic energy. Such a design requires high-precision manufacturing techniques, and Outline’s engineering team have applied some original production techniques to turn an exciting concept into a physical reality.

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