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KLANG:technologies strives to provide musicians with inspiring in-ear mixes.  With their immersive in-ear mixing technology, the minds at KLANG are well on their way to the ideal monitoring sound.  KLANG products help musicians and audio professionals get the most out of themselves and their musical performances. 

KLANG has been deployed at the world's most prominent music festivals, houses of worship, live performing venues, immersive broadcast suites and sound studios to deliver the most natural-sounding monitor mix available on the market today. 

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Monitor Engineer Nathan Bond Adopts KLANG for City and Colour

November 2021

"My initial focus was to use KLANG just for Dallas; to make the switch [to IEMs] as comfortable as possible for him.  I feel like we've done that.  This is the first time he's used in-ears exclusively, and it went great.  He's very comfortable with them already." - Nathan Bond, Monitor Engineer, City and Colour

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Église Nouvelle Vie Audio Upgrades Include Latest Product Offerings from DiGiCo, KLANG and Clear-Com

September 2021

"Our choice of DiGiCo and KLANG was never in doubt.  Most of our technicians are volunteers, which is another reason why we have DiGiCO products everywhere.  They can go to any of our sites and have a consistent workflow." - Patrice Clavette, Technical Director & Lead Sound Engineer, Nouvelle Vie 

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Community Christian Reformed Church Completes Audio Upgrades with DiGiCo & KLANG

May 2021

"Timing-wise, it was great because we could get the KLANG-DMI card for the S21 when we started construction.  Then there's the bonus of KLANG's immersive mix and the fact that the app is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to navigate." - Dave Verburg, Head of Audio, Community Christian Reformed Church, Briston Ontario

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