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[147AX] CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone

3,110.00 CAD
147AX is a rugged surface-mounted pressure microphone optimized for engine compartment testing in the automotive industry. It combines the high precision and stability of a laboratory microphone with a high level of ruggedness, including the ability to function properly in the most challenging environment with vibrations, oil mists, water spray and dirt and dust - and high temperatures up to 125°C. The mounting system (MagMount) makes it easy to mount precisely and ensures very good repeatability, even after full dismounting of the microphones. Includes 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone with 5m integrated BNC cable, GR2172 Mounting Disc, RA0391 Calibration Adapter for 147AX, DB0481 Double-sided adhesive tape for mounting disc.
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